Forum Thread: Cocktails or beer?

I'm always wondering why some Filipino people don't drink  cocktails, they prefer to drink beer only, because its cheap?  they think its only for rich people? or they just want to be drunk.? I have been to the other bar here in the Philippines, they are selling different kind of cocktail, only at 70 pesos, You can choose different cocktails. rather than beer it cost 35pesos and most people drink like 4 to 5 bottles per session, So it will cost you a lot. If you drink cocktail 1 or 2 is enough and you can enjoy it rather than drinking heavy bear only sticky sweat will come out.

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yeah right! but there's always a reason why most of Filipinos choose beer rather than cocktails. This is just a simple question sir. Filipinos drink beer not just to be drunk but to enjoy a longer time with friends or family while drinking beers. on the other hand, drinking cocktails makes there bonding shorter at the same time drunk us faster even with 1 to 2 shots of it.

It is just my point of view but new generation youth now a days choose cocktails and drink as if its just like a beer.^.^

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