Forum Thread: Americans Love Cocktail..

Why do Americans love to drink cocktails? what's the history of cocktails for them, Unlike other nationality they just want to drink a bottle of beer and spirit liquiors  like vodka, whiskeys, tequila, rum, gin, its either on the rock or straight up.

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well i think it was started in nineteenth century, the first cocktail ever made was the martini. and i think they try to make cocktail, because some people cannot drink the spirit straight up, so they put some other ingredients like tomato juice, orange juice, and other juice can penetrate the flavor of the bitterness of the spirit. nice world of cocktail you have. tnx

Is there any cocktail you can recommend to me? something sweet but has an alcohol? tnx

tnx for the comment. hehe. I recommend BBC. or baileys banana colada. it is very sweet because of the baileys and mix of banana. really refreshing for this summer.

Ok...hehehe i"l try it. I have check that cocktail but the problem where i could fine some pinacolada ready mix here? is there any store who sells?

it is not only Americans do really love cocktails. It's just depends on the person preference and what his throat looking for. But after all, most people choose to drink cocktails due to its massive of selections and unique flavor for each cocktail at the same time the good presentation of cocktails makes people choose the beautiful heavy drinks! Nice idea for this world of yours! keep up the good works and continue to update all your cocktails recipes.

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